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NDSCS Secretary
P.O. Box 43
Harleysville PA
19438-0043 USA

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National Duck Stamp Collectors Society

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  The primary purpose of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS) is to promote and encourage the collecting and study of migratory waterfowl hunting and conservation stamps. The NDSCS is the only stamp collecting society devoted exclusively to duck stamps.


Jeff Stage
215 Westminster Ave
Syracuse, NY 13210

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Cliff Feldheim
Sacramento, CA

Vice President:

Anthony J. Monico
POB 43
Harleysville PA
19438-0043 USA

Jeff Bernknopf
South Bend Brook, NJ

Past President:
Dave Goyer

Society Stamp Sales Manager:
Dr. Ira Cotton
Naples, FL

Society Founder:
Bob Dumaine
Houston, TX

Rita Dumaine
Houston, TX
Eugene German
Lincroft, NJ
Joe Hautman
Plymouth, MN

Legal Counsel:
Charles Durante
(302) 888-6280

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2022 Contest Entries

Cast your votes for the 2022 annual National Duck Stamp Collectors' Society waterfowl art contest! Below are all 14 entries; simply pick the one you like best and send your name, the number of the entry of your choice, and your membership number to (be sure to put NDSCS Art Contest in the subject line). Alternatively, write to:

NDSCS Art Contest
P. O. Box 43
Harleysville, PA

The deadline is 15 July.

Once our judges choose the winner, we will reproduce the artwork on a stamp which will be available to the public for the low price of only $5.00.

Please support the Society and cast your votes now!

1. Blue wing teal

2. Cinnamon teal

3. Emperor goose

blue wing teal

cinnamon teal

emperor goose

4. Fulvous whistling ducks

5. Green wing teal

6. Merganser 1

fulvous whistling ducks

green wing teal


7. Merganser 2

8. Lesser scaup

9. Mallard ducks

lesser scaup
10. Pintail 1

11. Pintail 2

12. Redhead ducks

13. Ruddy ducks

14. Shoveler


Farewell letter from Dave Goyer

Hello fellow NDSCS members and friends. As you read this it will be at or near my departure date as NDSCS President of December 31, 2021. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to all of you- our rank and file membership. Our great Society will be celebrating the 30 year anniversary of its founding in the very near future. It will be here before we know it! Due to the hard work and efforts of Bob Dumaine the NDSCS was founded and established on March 14, 2022. There were six "founding fathers" gathered to move the idea into reality. Nick Oglesby was chosen chairmen of the group composed of Bob Dumaine, Eugene German, David Green, Peter Pierce and John Remaley. That day, the bylaws were proposed and approved, officers were chosen, and governors were appointed. Nick Oglesby was President, Gene German - Vice President, Peter Pierce - Secretary, and John Remaley - Treasurer. Dave Green was appointed Membership Chairman and Cecil Daniels, Jr. was appointed Newsletter Editor. It’s impressive to me that we as a Society have endured and persevered for such a long time even as the duck stamp and collecting world has changed in so many ways. That being said, I am very worried and concerned that could change in the very near future. The NDSCS is truly at a major crossroads. As it currently stands, On January 1, 2022 we will not have a President or a “Duck Tracks” Advertising Manager in place. Both are important and essential positions, and require a minimal amount of time and effort to perform. I’m asking as a favor to me to please consider stepping forward to fill these positions.

After the first of the new year, I’ll be continuing on as a membership acquisition and retention chairman. I’ve always been a strong advocate of doing whatever it takes to make the NDSCS grow and become stronger. I’m asking you all to join me to that end going forward. Each and every one of you can do simple small gestures to this end as well. Sometimes it’s the little things that can actually make a huge difference. Is there a friend or relative that you think may enjoy reading “Duck Tracks”? Share your copy, or better yet let me know and I will mail them a complimentary copy immediately. Consider leaving your “Duck Tracks” somewhere where others may enjoy. Most friends of mine except for my immediate family have absolutely no idea what a duck stamp is. I’ve taken the time to explain and educate quite a few. You can easily do the same. Take the opportunity to explain to family and friends how the duck stamp came to be, what the duck stamp actually is, how the revenue from duck stamp sales is used, and how important for that to continue really is for our future. You could purchase a duck stamp for them as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or for no reason at all. Maybe the collecting bug will strike them and they in turn will buy future stamps yearly. Try to have folks view the annual duck stamp art contest when it’s livestreamed. I believe several new, younger people watched this year and seemed excited and interested even after the fact. That bodes well for the future popularity of the stamp. I attended my first contest in 2009 in Patuxent. My wife Maria began attending the next year and we’ve only missed one time. I find the contest fascinating. I highly recommend attending in person if it’s held near your home. It’s a great opportunity to meet artists, collectors, and others interested in the stamp and conservation who are in the audience. I’ve made several great friendships this way. I cherish the memories of some great times gathering afterwards for meals and social get togethers.

We need more new members! Hand out a membership application to anybody you think might want to join. You can find them in “Duck Tracks”, on our website & Facebook page, or by mail from me. It’s the best and only way to be on top of all the news and events in the duck stamp world. The $20 one year membership is truly a great value! To our current members: Thank you for your important continued support! We do not want to lose any of you if we can help it. If you have any suggestions, ideas, complaints or even things you do not particularly care for, please reach out to me by e-mail at or by phone at (518) 281-0579. I’d love to discuss anything duck stamp or Society related with you.

In closing, as a farewell gift to me, please do anything and everything you can do to make the NDSCS, our Society, the best it can be heading into the future! Thank you all and take care.




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Dept of Fish and Wildlife Service

Federal Duck Stamp Program

Junior Duck Stamp Program




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