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This is the homepage of PaperQuest Press, dedicated to the publication of collector handbooks in the area of fish & game stamps and licenses. The author/editor/publisher is Ira Cotton, five-time president of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (www.NDSCS.org) and a frequent writer about fish and game stamps. Twelve F&G handbooks have been published so far, including a joint publication with the NDSCS.

In addition, PaperQuestPress distributes copies of The Duck Stamp Story, published by Krause Publications.

Finally, we also edit and/or publish other collector books, including two philatelic books by Terence Hines.

Please click on these handbook names for sample pages and on-line ordering information with payment by credit card via PayPal. Should you have a manuscript you would like us to publish or a book you would like us to distribute, please contact us with the details.

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9. Duck Tracks Indexes
[Joint with NDSCS]
Anna Cotton
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10. Duck Tracks Archive - I
(Reprint of Issues 1-36)
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The Duck Stamp Story
Eric Dolin & Bob Dumaine
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Old Home Week Seals
Terence Hines

Saddle-stitched only: $23.95

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Naples, FL 34119

PaperQuest Press hopes to publish about one new handbook per year. The current focus is on three main categories: fish & game stamps, licenses, and license badges. Following are the books published so far and subjects planned for future development, organized by category:

Fish & Game Stamps
Fish & Game Licenses
Fish & Game Badges
-National Wildlife Federation® Christmas Stamps [Handbook 3]
-Voluntary Wildlife Conservation Stamps,
Volume I -- Government issues [Handbook 4]
-Voluntary Wildlife Conservation Stamps,
Volume II -- Society issues
-State Archery & Muzzleloader Hunting Stamps
-Bear Hunting Stamps
-Federal & State Duck Stamp Souvenir Cards
-Collected Articles From Duck Tracks
- 100 Favorite Fish & Game Stamps
-California Pictorial Hunting & Fishing Licenses [Handbook 1]
-Nebraska Pictorial Hunting & Fishing Licenses [Handbook 7]
-State Pictorial Hunting & Fishing Licenses
-Classic State Hunting & Fishing Licenses

-Michigan Fish & Game License & Club Badges [Handbook 2]
-Pennsylvania F&G License & Club Badges [Handbook 5]
-Catalog of State Fish & Game Licenses [Handbook 6]

We would love to hear from collectors with ideas for other titles and/or images of material to include in any of the planned books.

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