Duck Stamp Story Cover
The Duck Stamp Story

Eric Dolin & Bob Dumaine
Krause Publications
One dollar's worth of Mallard duck stamp

The Duck Stamp Program was created by hunters and conservationists as a means to generate money to protect the wildlife habitat that migratory waterfowl depend on for their survival. While hunting and conservation remain essential parts of the Duck Stamp Program, it has also grown into the richest art contest in the world and the stamps, especially the early issues, have become prized and valuable collectibles.

The Duck Stamp Story brings together all the elements of the Duck Stamp Program. History, art, collecting and conservation are pillars that support a labyrinth of interest groups and individuals. Dolin and Dumaine have compiled all this information in a superbly written text and joined it seamlessly with statistics and information on the value and rarity of every stamp. This is a book for anyone interested in waterfowl, stamps, art and the program that brought them together for the benefit of all.

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