Canada goose
Catalog of
U.S. Waterfowl Stamps
& Labels

South Dakota resident stamp

This catalog is a derivative of my Handbook 12, Catalog of U.S. Fish & Game License Stamps and Labels, which I published in December, 2020. I had been working on the 2nd edition of that handbook for 18 months when the thought came to me that collectors of wildlife license stamps donít all collect the same stamps. There are three broad areas for these stamps: waterfowl license stamps which are the most numerous, fishing license stamps, and hunting & trapping license stamps. I was thinking that collectors who only collect one or two of these areas might not want to buy a catalog that lists everything. For these collectors I have produced separate catalogs for waterfowl license stamps, fishing license stamps, and hunting & trapping license stamps. This handbook has the identical listings for waterfowl license stamps as are in the 2nd edition of my full catalog, with all the corrections and additions it contains.

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