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APS Affiliate #210

Duck Tracks
Third Quarter - 2010

Whole No.

Duck Tracks-Third Quarter 2010 issue includes the following articles:

  • Federal and Junior Duck Stamp First Day Ceremony Held June 25 in Hanover, Maryland by Peter Martin

  • Illinois, Kansas and Maryland Forerunner Stamps by Ira Cotton

  • 1951 Illinois Daily Usage Stamp Discovered by Bob Dumaine

  • From the Federal Duck Stamp Office by Patricia Fisher

  • The Federal Duck Stamp Contest: One Judge's Perspective by Peter Martin

  • Canadian Corner: Saskatchewan Conservation Stamps are Rare by E.S.J. van Dam

  • Tidbits: Help Restore Our Wildlife

  • Ducks in the News by Peter Martin

  • Arkansas Voted Best Design and Favorite Stamp in 2009

  • Duck Stamp Poll: Prize Winners Announced by Peter Martin

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Coming Events

  • Classifieds

  • Kip Koss Steps Down as NDSCS Board Member by Norma Opgrand

  • Secretary's Column by Tony Monico

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