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APS Affiliate #210

Duck Tracks
Fall 2009

Whole No.

Duck Tracks-Fall 2009 issue includes the following articles:

  • NDSCS issues its first stamp. . . . details about the issuance of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society's first stamp.

  • Bealle wins federal contest . . . Robert Bealle took top honors at the 2009 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest. His painting of an American wigeon will be made into the 2010-2011 Federal Duck Stamp.

  • The Art of Politics...As the Federal Duck Stamp turns 75, what's coming out of the national government's only art contest? . . . by Jesse Smith.....tracing a bit of the history of the duck stamp program.
  • Hamilton becomes new FWS Director . . . Sam Hamilton became the 15th Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on September 1, 2009. Background information about the new director.

  • Arizona waterfowl stamp program breaks new ground with two stamps....Artwork selected from award winning artist and elementary school student . . .For the first time, in addition to the State Duck Stamp, an alternative stamp was chosen and unofficially deemed the state's junior art duck stamp.

  • New collector handbook on National Wildlife Federation® Christmas stamps . . . A new collector handbook by author Ira Cotton has been published by PaperQuest Press. NWF Christmas stamps were issued from 1956 through 2000 to promote wildlife conservation and to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

  • Canada goose planned for 2010 Massachusetts stamp.... An exceptional painting by Janice Sexton of Westport, Massachusetts, of a Canada goose decoy that was carved by J. Thomas Wilson of Ipswich captured the top honors in the 2010 Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamp competition. Prints of the winning painting will be available to purchase on Sexton's website.

  • Ask the Expert . . . Bob Dumaine answers a reader's question about the value of an artist-signed 1974 Iowa Trout Stamp.

  • Clifton wins Louisiana duck stamp contest . . . Richard Clifton's painting of a pair of pintail ducks in flight, a hunter and boat floating in the water below won this year's Louisiana Duck Stamp Contest.

  • Artist reaches goal with waterfowl stamp victory . . .A painting of a pair of wood ducks by Wisconsin artist Craig Fairbert is the 2010 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp contest winner.

  • Wood ducks for Minnesota . . .Mark Kness will have his painting of a wood duck featured on the 2010 Minnesota Duck Stamp.

  • First Day of Sale Ceremony for 2009 Federal Duck Stamp . . . Jim O'Donnell relates his presence at the official First Day of Sale ceremony at the Bass Pro Shop in Nashville, Tennessee in pictures and commentary. A service award was presented to Mrs. Jeanette C. Rudy, duck stamp collector extraordinaire. The Jeanette Rudy collection can be seen online at:

  • Sanctuary rehabs ducks, Duck man . . . Bill Volkart, the Duck Man of Clermont County, Ohio and his wife Gigi operate the Mount Holly Duck Sanctuary from their stone house and surrounding five acres. About 50 ducks and a goose named Howard depend on the Volkarts for food and shelter, which includes a heated duck coop that Bill built. Breeds include pekin, Muscovy, mallard, rouen and blue Swede.

  • Ruddy ducks selected for Ohio stamp . . . The artwork of a pair of ruddy ducks by North Dakota resident Jeffrey Hoff won first place in this year's Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp Design Competition, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.

  • New Jersey foolishly discontinues stamp . . . The state Division of Fish and Wildlife has discontinued the sale of paper waterfowl stamps and prints, a decision that makes former state Division of Fish and Game Director George Howard just a little melancholy. The stamps and artwork were hugely popular for many years but recently sales declined. This year, waterfowl hunters are required to buy “certifications” instead of paper stamps. If you wish to comment to the state, you can send an email to

  • Indiana requires stamp for hunting mourning doves . . . Beginning in 2009, Indiana hunters who wish to pursue mourning doves must purchase a game bird habitant stamp. Mourning doves are the most abundant game bird in the world and the most popular game bird in Indiana.

  • Oliver wins Delaware contest . . . Pennsylvania artist Steve Oliver's painting featuring a canvasback duck will become the 2010 Delaware Duck Stamp. The painting won top honors in the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife's annual stamp art competition. This year's event drew 47 entries for the 2010 Duck Stamp.

  • Virginia program welcomes new artist. . . The artwork for the 2009 Virginia waterfowl stamp depicts a ring-neck duck arching up with outspread wings on the water. The stamp was painted by John Obolewicz and is his first stamp for the state.

  • New quarters to feature National Parks & Wildlife Refuges . . . 50 DOI Sites Selected for the America the Beautiful QuartersProgram . . . Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks will be the first sites commemorated in a new quarter-dollar program.

  • Upcoming Events . . . See NDSCS Bulletin Board.

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