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APS Affiliate #210

Duck Tracks
Spring 2006

Whole No.

Duck Tracks-Spring 2006 issue includes the following articles:

  • NDSCS plans meeting during WASHINGTON 2006 . . . The First Day Ceremony for the RW73, the 2006 duck stamp  will be held Thursday, June 1, 2006 11:00 a.m. in conjunction with WASHINGTON 2006. The Society will have a booth at the philatelic exhibition - BOOTH 2853. Volunteers to man the booth for a little while are requested. Contact VP Wes Miller with any questions.

  • Junior Duck Stamp winner selected. . . Rebekah Nastav's (Amoret, MO) painting of a redhead duck will be featured on the 2006 Junior Duck Stamp. The acrylic painting is entitled "Morning Swim."

  • NPM offers private tour of ducks for NDSCS Members . . . Saturday, May 27, members of the National Duck Stamp Collectors' Society and friends are welcome to attend a tour of the National Postal Museum's duck stamp collection.
  • President's Corner . . . President Ira Cotton discusses Collector Stamps. i.e. Duck Stamps issued primarily for the collector and no longer valid for hunting. Ira broadens the scope of discussion to include stamps that are primarily intended to be sold to collectors but that can also validate a license. A well illustrated article.

  • Federal Duck Contest schedule set . . . a list of events surrounding the Federal Duck Stamp Contest being held in Memphis, TN. at Memphis College of Art in Overton Park. Tel: 901-272-5100  Website:  For more information on all of the events, call 901-578-2787 ext. 213 or visit the website at

  • Jeanette C. Rudy Collection To Be Sold. . . The finest Federal Duck Stamp collection in exisitence is being broken up for sale to collectors. Jeanette C. Rudy of Nashville, Tennessee has selected Sam Houston Duck Company of Houston, Texas, to liquidate the collection built over the last 55 years.

  • Blue-winged Teal chosen for 2007 Alabama  . . . David Nix's painting of a blue-winged teal is the winning artwork for the 2007 Alabama Waterfowl Stamp.

  • And the winner is . . . NDSCS members voted Alaska's Waterfowl Stamp and Ohio's Wetlands Habitat Stamp as co-favorites for the best of 2005 duck stamps. North Dakota's state stamp was voted the worst stamp of 2005.

  • Makuchal Wins Maryland Contest . . . Paul Makuchal's "Cold Front" took top honors at the 32nd Annual Migratory Game Bird Stamp Design Contest. The entry features a Canada Goose.

  • Delaware Duck Stamp, Trout Winners Chosen . . . Artist Richard Clifton's painting featuring the red breasted merganser with the Port Mahon Lighthouse will become this year's Delaware Duck Stamp, while the 2007 stamp will feature a painting of the surf scoter with the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse by artist George Lockwood of Santa Ynex, CA. A painting of brown trout by Thomas Zidik of Hershey, PA will appear on the 2007 Delaware Trout Stamp.

  • 24th Annual Wings 'n Water Festival . . .  The Wings 'n Water Festival, one of the premier wildlife art festivals in the United States will be held September 16-17, 2006. For information about exhibiting artwork or selling merchandise at the festival, please contact Maira Kellet at

  • Steiner celebrates 25 years of duck stamps . . . 2006 - 25th Anniversary Set of Duck Stamp Prints. . . For 2006, Bob Steiner has received the highest honor of his career - Steiner has been commissioned to paint his lifetime masterpiece by Alaska, Washington and Oregon to celebrate his accomplishments as America's most accomplished waterfowl artist.

           The 2006 - 25th Anniversary Set of duck stamp prints will be offered as a five print set with three state
           duck stamp prints, a fourth print issued by the three states to recognize Bob Steiner's 25 years, and
           a fifth large composite print of the entire design. Available for purchase in the fall of 2006 from
           Steiner Prints at 800-225-3971.


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