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APS Affiliate #210

Duck Tracks
Summer 2005

Whole No. 4

Duck Tracks-Summer  2005 issue includes the following articles:

  • Come, Fly With Me to Memphis.....Federal contest settles in new nest . . . information about the annual Federal Duck Stamp Contest

  • TW72 has two First Day Ceremonies. . . by Wes Miller describes the ceremony he attended at the Postal Museum. Artist Mark Anderson related the story of his being notified he was the winner in the contest. No mention was made at the ceremony of the RW72b mini sheet.
  • President's Corner . . . President Ira Cotton discusses the two new special formats for duck stamps - artist signed mini sheet and uncut press sheet of four panes each. Ira also discusses the bill which is currently being considered by Congress allowing duck stamps to be issued electronically.

  • . . .And the winner is . . . the results of the NDSCS poll for the best and worst of the 2004 duck stamps are revealed.

  • Relatively unknown artist wins Nevada Contest . . . Nevada's state duck stamp for 2005-06 will feature a striking pair of gadwall ducks in flight painted by Adam Oswald of Brandon, SD.

  • Wood Ducks on Wisconsin  . . . A painting of a pair of wood ducks by Brookfield artist Terry Doughty will be printed on the 2005 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp.

  • Texas makes many changes to hunting stamps . . . A recently passed legislative bill reorganized the stamp fees that hunters pay for the right to pursue certain species of game animals.

  • Electronic duck stamp goes before Congress . . . Dr. Joseph Hautman, federal duck stamp artist and NDSCS governor, testified before a Congressional Subcommittee on a program to implement a test program for the electonic issuance of the federal duck stamp. The entire transcript of the session appears in Duck Tracks.

  • The story behind the 2005 Arkansas duck stamp . . . by Larry Chandler. Larry tells the story of how the ivory-billed woodpecker came to be added to his design for the 2005 Arkansas duck stamp.

  • Shovelers on Colorado . . .  A painting of a male and female northern shoveler titled "Arapaho Shovelers" by Jeffrey Klinefelter was chosen by the Colorado Division of Wildlife for the 2005 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp.

  • Louisiana selects Yellow Lab for '06 Contest . . . The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has announced that the yellow Labrador retriever will be featured in the "Retrievers Save Game" series for the 2006 Louisiana duck stamp competition. For more information, contact Robert Helm (225) 765-2358

  • What do those duck stamp dollars really mean?  . . . Kip Koss discusses the duck stamp program from the aspect of revenues and putting the revenues into actual perspective with 2005 dollars.

  • Federal Duck Stamp Sales by Year . . . a chart showing sales of Federal Duck Stamps 1934-2004.

  • Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge . . . a description of one of the top ten birding spots in the United States.

  • Mark Anderson to be at Ding Darling Days . . . Mark Anderson of Sioux Falls, SD will offer a presentation October 15, 2005 on his painting that was used for the design of the 2005-06 US Federal Duck Stamp, RW72.

  • Canvasback on 2006 Alabama . . . A canvasback duck by Clarence Stewart of Brewton, AL is the winner of the Alabama Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest.

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