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APS Affiliate #210

Duck Tracks
Winter 2008

Whole No.

Duck Tracks-Winter 2008 issue includes the following articles:

  • Hautman's pintails win Federal Duck Stamp Contest . . . . Wildlife artist Joe Hautman of Plymouth, Minnesota won the 2007 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest with his depiction of a pair of pintail ducks. Hautman's painting will be featured on the 2008 Federal Duck Stamp which will go on sale in late June 2008.

  • Letters . . . Member John Moss questions why the water activated duck stamps were unavailable at the post office. Patricia Fisher, Chief of the Federal Duck Stamp Program responds that the printing of WAG stamps continues but the print run was decreased to 500,000 and available through the USPS Philatelic Centre in Kansas City and the Amplex Corporation in Dallas, Texas.

  • State License Badges . . . President Ira Cotton opens another avenue of collecting to duck stamp collectors. He discusses and illustrates several state license badges.

  • Tulalip Tribes hunting stamp was required to hunt waterfowl . . . by Charles Souder. Explanation of the Tulalip Tribes regulations regarding hunting.

  • Glowing self-stick ducks may be common. . . by Wayne L. Youngblood. One version of the 2007-2008 Federal Duck stamp picturing Richard Clifton's painting of two swimming ring-necked ducks, is phosphor tagged. The primary purpose of tagging is so that automated facing and canceling machines can "find" a stamp and cancel it. Since Federal Duck stamps are not intended to travel through the mail, there is no reason for them to be tagged.

  • The 75th Anniversary Duck Stamp Art Contest . . . by Wes Miller, VP. Wes describes the excitement of the 2007 Duck Stamp Contest held in Sanibel Island, Florida. Many wildlife artists were in attendance. The venue at Big Arts Gallery, adjacent to Ding Darling National Wildlife Preserve was ideal for the contest.

  • State Duck News. . . includes news about the contests held in Alabama, Massachusetts, Ohio and Wyoming.

  • Are your ducks insured? . . . by David Kempff, MSgt, USAF - Retired. David makes suggestions about getting your collection insured.

  • Ashton Potter will print next duck stamps . . .2008 marks the 75th federal duck stamp. This will be the second duck stamp printed by Ashton Potter. It previously produced RW70, the 2003 Snow Goose stamp by Ron Louque.

  • . . . And the winner is . . . NDSCS members voted the Wisconsin 2006 Waterfowl Stamp as their favourite duck stamp for the year and South Dakota's 2006 Migratory Bird Certification stamp as the worst.

  • Junior Duck Contest at the San Diego Zoo . . . The National Junior Duck Stamp Contest will be held at the San Diego Zoo. The national first place art is made into the Junior duck stamp. The proceeds are used solely to support the program and conservation education. Call 619-685-3291 for more information.
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